JFI Store provides online and class-based training courses, vocal recording, speaking & coaching, bespoke training design & project management and quality improvement tools.


“Welcome to the JFI Store. Turn up your volume button and click on the numbers on the graphic to listen and find out what’s on each floor. Then use the escalator below to access each floor, products and services.”

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Since 2002 we have worked in many consultancy roles with a wide range of clients .  Our work, and the testimonials that we receive, prompted us to bring our current training portfolio together and create JFI Store with five ‘virtual’ floors.

Each floor has training and coaching products and services specifically created for industry (global, national, large or small); government bodies national and intergovernmental and academic institutions, around the world across public, private and third sectors.  Companies use our material to:


  • Support workforce planning and talent management strategies
  • Enable creative thinking and innovative practice
  • Improve productivity and performance
  • Promote continuous improvement and change


Normally our personal development content is only delivered as a specially designed bespoke training course for business teams; however in response to demand, we’ve brought some of the most popular titles to Floor 1 of the JFI Store.  Now individuals who want to take charge of their own personal development can join an online course and learn in their place, and at their pace.

Across all of the JFI Store our focus is on developing the five essential business-transferable skills ~ applicable at any level, in any industry, country or culture.

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