Bespoke training design services for organisations

It’s becoming more important than ever for training activity to get results, improve productivity, meet business needs and yet stay within allocated resources.

LearningVoice provides you with a bespoke design and consultancy service at both strategic and operational levels.  This means you are better able to meet, manage and deliver against executive expectations. We can work with your subject matter experts to produce bespoke training designs and, when it comes to larger projects, we can work together with you to deliver KPI’s on time and within budget.  We can also cover vacancies on an interim basis.

project management

Through our support you can develop, in yourself and others, one of the five essential business-transferable skills:  Project Management.

Whether you have to design an organisational learning strategy, national learning project or provide customised training programmes to meet operational needs; this skill applies across all levels, all industries, all cultures and all countries.

Decide which of your projects needs our support

JFI Store loves working on training and learning projects, large or small.

We’re just as comfortable being one of the project team members as we are leading and managing the project itself; and we have over ten years’ experience of working on trans-national projects.

Since 2005, we’ve worked on learning projects for the European Commission, including Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig and now Erasmus +

So whether it’s across professional or geographic boundaries, cultures, countries or time zones ~ we can help to support your next learning project.

Our Clients & Our Team

We have worked with clients to identify their training needs.  We have worked on trans-national projects for the European Commission (EC).  We have designed ~ with or without subject matter experts ~ customised training programmes.  In each case, we review the resources that are needed based upon the skill set and, where necessary, use one of our ‘virtual’ project team to support us on the project.


You have three options: 1) We design training for you to deliver in-house; 2) We design & deliver the training; 3) We join your project team or completely manage your project.

A customised approach might not meet your business needs right now, so head on over to Floor 2 for pre-designed LV Insights 120 workshop sessions instead