Research shows that six months after the end of workplace training only 50% of the learning is actually transferred into actions, and what’s more 80% of the ideas generated by executive leadership courses, is lost and never used to improve things. While individuals, their attitude and their motivation are three critical elements in learning and behavioural change ~ of equal importance is:

  1. The way that training is designed, its content and the delivery
  2. How well the workplace encourages new learning ideas to be used
  3. Whether managers get the best performance from their workforce



We work with our clients to identify training needs and then design bespoke training solutions just for them.

Our designs are unique, creative and can be done with or without your subject matter experts, who are vital when it comes to agreeing content.  At each stage in the process we test out our ideas with a selection of your key stakeholders and potential users to make sure that language and context match that of your organisation.  We design training that is class-based, online or a blended learning package ~ the choice is yours.  We’ll even cost up the different options and the features and benefits of each so as to help you decide.

If you don’t have expertise in-house, we can also deliver the training for you, including ways to encourage the new learning ideas, from the training, to be used in practice back in the workplace.

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Since 2005, JFI has worked in trans-national teams on a wide variety of learning projects.  Some funded by the European Commission involve collaborating with up to ten different country partners.  We also have joint ventures with event organisers like Orchid Associates Group, based in Bali, with whom we co-produce Executive Learning and Corporate University conferences around the world.

When needed, we bring in additional highly qualified and experienced professionals from around the world ~ all of whom now make up our virtual JFI project team.  Our approach means that we’re not only agile and responsive to changing project needs, but unlike other project consultancies who maintain a permanent staff team and look for work based upon just their skills; we have the flexibility to choose only those with the exact skill set match and experience needed for each client project.

We can either manage your learning project from start to finish, or work in collaboration with your experts in-house to enable quick decision making, which means we’re better able to stick to project timescales and budget.

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Customised training support might not meet your business learning needs right now, so head on over to Floor 2 for our micro-learning sessions instead