Each managerial role is different and is influenced by level as well as a range of other factors.  Business schools, universities and industry publications consistently cite these three qualities as being fundamental in creating effective people managers, applicable across industries, sectors, countries and cultures:

Managing Teams

Managing Yourself

Managing Improvement


We have over 30 years of experience providing people management training within organisations just like yours!  However, in recent years we’ve noticed that it’s becoming more difficult to take managers out of the workplace for long periods of time to attend training.  Our micro learning sessions provide the solution!  Delivered in a flexible way each title is a bite-sized session lasting just 120 minutes ~ which means it’s easier to fit learning into a manager’s busy working day.  Flexible and responsive to business needs our 27 training titles can be mixed and matched into a variety of combinations and delivery options.


Choose one training title and repeat it in three bite-size 120 minute sessions during a 1-day booking.  This is a good option for mandatory training as it allows you to train in-company groups of up to 15 people per session (so 45 people per day).  Delivery this way means less downtime out of workplace for your managers.  Various time slots available to accommodate a 24/7 business operation.


Mix up the training titles to create a bespoke people management training day (6 hours) = max 3 titles.  Decide whether to allow learners to come to all 3 ‘different’ sessions or just book onto the ones they want.  Delivery this way encourages better attendance as it’s more flexible around managers working hours.  Various time slots available to accommodate a 24/7 business operation.


We create a complete 6-9 month people management development programme using whichever training titles best meet your identified training needs.  This option comes with action points between each training delivery day and includes a private discussion forum, digital certificates and UX reports upon completion. Delivery this way is an excellent solution to support your talent management / fast-track strategy.


Choose just one training title and then ask us to design it into a full one or two-day course.  This option has more time to focus the content, not only on knowledge input, but also on the practical application and skills development ~ both of which are included in the design.  Delivery this way is great for specific company-based issues that need resolving.


“Empathy for employees is important — everyone goes through professional and personal struggles that can affect their work. The best managers are emotionally intelligent; they listen and have the ability to lead their teams with understanding, whether they are collocated or in a virtual environment across different time zones”

12 different micro-learning topics, each designed to clarify the difference between working in a group, and creating a team.  Suitable for team leaders, operational managers and team members,

When working in a group or team, you may need to change your role in order to get the best results. Discover current team role thinking and how it can impact upon you and the productivity of your team.

Your team already has many of the answers to current operational problems, if only you knew what they were. Identify, and then harvest, the collective intelligence within your team using some exciting brainstorming approaches.

Whether you operate globally, or not, many people have flexible working arrangements; in other countries across time zones; in the same country, but at home. Learn how to work more effectively with virtual team members.

Safely address things that stop teams from being productive. Identify blockages and expose barriers in workplace teams, and work on the areas that will make the most difference, in the shortest amount of time.

No team should work in isolation. Success comes from listening to stakeholders and interacting with other departments and business units. Create effective inter-dependency and joint working and see the difference.

An introduction to the skills that you will need if you are to effectively facilitate team working and encourage group learning to take place that is used to improve productivity and quality performance.

Ensure a greater success in meeting your goals and KPI’s by working through, and with, the expertise and efforts of your team members.

A physical group board game (the content of which has been provided by project managers for project managers) to develop their PM skill set.  Based upon research and then beta tested with environmental project teams working in 10 different European Regional Development Agencies, this game scores the responses that you make to a series of real project management issues, enhancing your behavioural competencies as you go.

Help yourself, and your team members learn how to ‘FLIP’ thinking and behave like an ‘intrapreneur’ translating creative thought into new, innovative practice.

One of the most important areas that a team manager can learn is how to give feedback; especially how to do it right so that team performance, behaviour and productivity actually improves.

It’s easy to delegate responsibility and authority, however you can never delegate accountability, that stays with you. Come and learn how to get the levels of delegation just right for your situation.

Can you force people to learn if they don’t want to? And if they do agree to change something; how do you sustain that behaviour when it’s only motivated by a desire to gain an external reward?


“An effective manager will confidently take charge of their own learning goals, career path and personal effectiveness.  Self-assured managers demonstrate a positive attitude and recognise that with changing trends in the world of work, comes the need to be aware of different ways to manage people.” 

9 different micro-learning topics, each designed to develop the key skills to be a leader, manager, facilitator, mentor or coach.  Suitable for those currently in these roles or those that are newly appointed.

Discover your own unique management style and traits and learn how to make the most of your strengths, while at the same time identifying the areas that you could make even better.

Take the first step into a management position and learn some fundamental skills that will prepare you for your current, and next management role.

Learn some valuable skills in how to mentor others within your organisation whilst at the same time, gaining new insights into your own working practices.

Use your current skills in a coaching capacity; guiding and supporting your coachees using a range of active listening and gentle challenging skills.

The famous Hungarian ruler of the Huns from 434 until his death in March 453, demonstrated powerful leadership traits that hold just as true today; so come and find out about the Attila approach.

Be the kind of manager that is seen in the workplace, but not obstructive. Be the kind of manager that knows what’s happening across the department, and has confidence in the team.

DeBono’s Six Thinking Hats is a simple process that can help you become productive and focused. Come and learn how to redirect your thoughts when in conversations and business meetings.

Effective managers think things through and take time to put in plans that will eventually save time and avoid mistakes. Learn how to use reflection-in-action, and then pass on these skills to your team.

Don’t let regulation strangle your own innovative practice, and that of your team. Learn how to work with compliance through the application of Appreciative Inquiry to focus on positive aspects and correct any negatives.


“Lack of focus is one of the main reasons why many business teams fail to achieve their targets or make improvements. The best managers solve problems through ruthless prioritisation and maintaining consistent standards. They identify areas that will have the most impact and focus attention on those areas.”

6 different different micro-learning sessions, each designed to develop knowledge and skills to continuously improve performance.

Why only look forward at what might be possible at work, when looking backwards can tell you so much more? Learn how to do strategic scenario planning by thinking back to front and exposing insightful revelations.

Start to understand how design thinking can be used to help you lead, manage, create and innovate in the workplace; and adopt a design mindset which is not problem-focused, but solution focused and action oriented towards creating a preferred outcome.

The EFQM Excellence Model provides an holistic view of the organisation and it can be used to determine how these different methods fit together and complement each other.  The Model can therefore be used in conjunction with any number of these tools, based on the needs and function of the organisation, as an overarching framework for developing sustainable excellence.

Become aware of how to enable effective change and explore why it doesn’t always achieve what you want it to, which is often to sustain improvement in customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

A practical skills development session looking at the management of change, process management and continuous improvement and how to lead teams through large-scale change.

When is good not good enough? When it can be excellent.  Using a fictitious case study entitled: ‘The Company’ participants get an opportunity to work through some major issues associated with taking the people working in an organisation through large-scale change using material and information from a uniquely designed cartoon series.


   Identify your business learning needs (or ask us to come in and do this for you).

   Review the micro-learning sessions available across our three management areas and choose those that best meet your needs.

   Choose one title to repeat 3 times in one day (less time out of workplace) or mix titles for a bespoke full-day package.  1 day = max 3 titles.


The training sessions featured on this page are for you if you are an organisation that wants to train your business unit teams.  The best place to start is for us to have a virtual meeting (Phone or Skype) to discuss your session title choices and the delivery option that suits you best.


The training sessions featured on this page are primarily for organisational teams, however, we’re working on a SMART self-learning platform just for independent practitioners, trainers, consultants, coaches, leaders and HR professionals who want to take charge of their own ongoing learning and professional development.