JFI Research represents ongoing and continuous change and exploration. We aim to provide exciting new research and learning advice to organisations large and small that are challenged by managerial, leadership, change, quality and human resource (HR) issues; so as to enable them to pursue future approaches that will make a difference to their business. 

Research is undertaken independently and based upon empirical feedback from around the world. Findings will be distributed through our blog posts, our talks at events and our new ‘Little Pearls of Wisdom’ quarterly newsletter – to be launched during the early part of 2017.

The business world is changing fast and the role of HR and Learning & Development inside organisations appears to be constantly under threat with numerous budget cuts and limitations that affect the way organisations learn and develop and create inspirational insights.  It makes you wonder if perhaps HR might become obsolete. At JFI Research we started to think the same thing and concluded that the HR function as we know it, IS dead, or perhaps it should be?

To explore this controversial statement, we started, back in 2013 conducting some light-touch opinion gathering (Cycle #1). We did this alongside the work that we do at the JFI Store and, whilst on numerous trips around the world delivering training and masterclass workshops, keynote presentations, vocal coaching, advising on EC learning projects and undertaking quality assessments in HR and L&D functions.  We used all of these opportunities to continually capture the thoughts of those who attended, and started to build up a picture about how HR was perceived around the world.

From the start we have been asking not only C-level executives, but also HR, L& D, OD and other associated Professionals about the HR function.  We wanted to know how it was seen through the eyes of those who use it as well as those who work in it.  This ongoing research question continues to attract a wide range of views each year, and we monitor changes in trends of opinion.  Learning from the results we provide new and exciting material for future specialist workshops and drive forward our unique initiative “HR IS DEAD ~ THE MOVEMENT” – we also discuss this online at JFI Radio.

So, can you help us to continue to capture the HR mood?

Voice-over for new business pitch  Case Study LKN

Voice-over for promotional film Case Study IFTDO

Management workshop for Oil and Gas engineers, Kazakhstan  Case Study ENI/Kazenergy


A talk and masterclass currently available


A talk and masterclass currently available


A talk, masterclass and eBook coming soon…

Our free quarterly publication will re-launch during the early part of 2017