academy mortar board

An ever growing number of online courses available across our four learn zones.

academy webinars

Monthly ‘live’ webinars where topics are discussed in detail.

academy podcasts

Podcasts broadcast ‘LIVE’ from the UK or wherever we happen to be in the world.

academy templates

Downloadable templates help you design your next training or online learning course.

academy mentoring

Personalised help and support for your next project, and feedback on your approach.

academy resources

Extensive and plentiful range of learning resources with new ones added regularly.

academy drip

Weekly learning reminders to keep you on track.

academy career planner

A digital career plan based upon your learning journey and achievements.

academy price tag

A fixed monthly, quarterly or annual fee gets you access to EVERYTHING!

academy community of learning

In the JFI Learning Community you can chat with other like-minded professionals from around the world.

academy share with the world

Opportunity to share your experiences which we’ll turn into case studies.

academy stories

Tell us your story and we’ll re-purpose them as learning objects.

academy awards

Earn Digital Certificates to prove you know how to use your learning.

academy oti

Get an OTI review of your online course design.

academy inspired impact

Get involved in ‘Inspired Impact’ if you want more than just a job/career/position.

Rent a personal learning seat for you, or a block of seats for your teams and direct reports.  Then you’ll have access to all the online courses, ‘LIVE’ webinars and personal mentoring support across any of the different learn zones,

JFI Academy ~ and its wide variety of blended learning material ~ is based upon our unique “personal development grid”  L.A.R.S.

More information coming soon…