Research shows that six months after the end of workplace training only 50% of the learning is actually transferred into actions, and what’s more 80% of the ideas generated by executive leadership courses, is lost and never used to improve things.  While individuals, their attitude and their motivation are three critical elements in learning and behavioural change ~ of equal importance is:


  1. The way that training is designed, its content and the delivery
  2. How well the workplace encourages and enables new learning ideas to be used in practice
  3. Whether leaders and managers understand how to get the best performance from their workforce
To respond to this problem, Józefa Fawcett transformed her training consultancy into JFI; a business project designed to help combat complacency and waste of workplace training.  JFI now addresses these issues for clients with three complimentary solutions: JFI STORE  JFI RESEARCH  JFI RADIO


Józefa trained and qualified in Human Resource Management (MA HRM) at the University of West London in 2000.  Along the way she has also studied and qualified in a series of specialist training courses associated with HR,  Training and Quality Assessment.  Her professional training and HR skills were recognised by winning the Global HR Award for Excellence in 2009 and the Global Training & Development Leadership Award in 2017.

Since leaving her first profession as a make-up artist in 1986, there have been a variety of substantive roles in recruitment, sales and training in the commercial sector across the UK.  Józefa has been designing, developing and delivering class-based, online and blended learning solutions for global corporate, private, public and charity sectors as well as intergovernmental bodies such as EPO and the European Commission, resulting in her speaking in 34 countries on four continents.

She specialises in a range of topics focused on HR, Learning & Development and Continuous Quality Improvement needs.  These include: building awareness and detailed understanding of how to create business training; performance management; leadership; team building; first level management and supporting business quality and change.  Józefa is highly experienced and excels in working with key stakeholders within the business and outside e.g. trans-national virtual teams across varying cultural backgrounds, in order to produce training interventions and learning solutions that deliver real tangible results.


Chartered Fellow: Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development

Fellow: Higher Education Academy

Fellow: Learning & Performance Institute

Member: British Voice Association



JFI STORE  WE DELIVER.  More than training.  Learning the five business-transferable skills produce better performance in current, and future, job roles.

JFI RESEARCH  WE EXPLORE.  More than facts.  Through ongoing surveys and research how cognitive insights can be the key to driving forward change.

JFI RADIO  WE SHARE.  More than words.  World-wide news each month about trends in training, corporate learning and continuous quality improvement.

JFI ACADEMY  WE TEACH.  More than skills.  A fabulous new initiative launching in July 2017