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This could be the year that your business training activity finally produces evidence of its impact on productivity, budget management and continuous improvement and change. Using the courses in JFI Store, we work with you, and your teams, to put in place training across the five essential business-transferable skills that will help them perform at their best. Through JFI Research, we ‘expose’ valuable insights that can inform decisions about how to plan change, and our monthly show on JFI Radio brings up-to-date news and views from around the world about training, corporate learning and continuous quality improvement.

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JFI Store provides training and coaching to ‘inspire’ people to want to learn the five essential business-transferable skills needed to support future job mobility and career progression.

Use these courses to develop skills; drive change, improve quality and productivity.

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JFI Research ‘exposes’ key insights that organisations need to see in order to plan change and combat complacency and wastage of business knowledge and learning investment.

Use the insights from our surveys to encourage creative thinking and innovative practice.

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JFI Radio is a podcast platform that ‘reports’ news, opinion and discussion about trends from around the world in training, learning and continuous quality improvement.

Use the recordings to save time keeping up-to-date and to benchmark your learning practice.

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Want to see how training can make a real difference to your business bottom line?

For a while now organisations seem to be questioning their operational, and mainly class-based, HR and training approaches.  Measuring the return on investment is difficult, as is producing reports for the board that explain the tangible difference it’s made.

That’s maybe why, in recent years, many have made a seismic shift away from traditional training towards corporate universities, online learning, blended and work-based learning and virtual team learning; which collectively can be described as the 70-20-10 phenomenon.  Yet still two important questions remain: 1) Are these new training processes simply more time efficient or are they more effective? 2) Can we now easily measure the impact that these new training and learning approaches have on the business?

Don’t waste valuable time trying to work this out, instead subscribe to our ‘Little Pearls of Wisdom’ digital magazine.  Each quarter read about our take on these two questions, and discover ways to create effective training design; learning strategies that generate creative thinking; implementation that enables innovative practice and sustainable change in the workplace; and ways to improve quality and standards of training, learning, coaching and facilitation.


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Whether you’re a global corporate, a national company, a small business owner or an independent practitioner; simply provide us with your most challenging people management and leadership problem and we’ll respond with an innovative and cost effective solution utilisng your learning strategy, your training interventions and/or your quality improvement approaches.

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It's simple. You want your investment in training and learning to improve business performance. That's where we come in. We design and deliver bespoke training courses. We advise on learning projects. We facilitate team learning across a wide range of subjects. We provide vocal coaching and recording support. We help you work towards business excellence.

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